Why People On The Mediterranean Diet Eat More Fat But Are Healthier And Weigh Less Too

The Mediterranean diet has been on the news, on the daytime TV shows, and plenty of gurus are talking about it as well when they mention starting a weight loss plan. It was originally the diet of the people that lived in Italy, Greece, southern France and Spain for about 1,000 years, and up until lately, because they’re starting to get influenced by the western high fat, sugar, and sodium diet like the rest of the world. Even though the amount of fat in the Mediterranean diet is the same as the rest of the world, the type of fat is what makes it different. They have lower blood pressure, less heart disease, less cancer, and even less Alzheimer’s disease in that area.

Although It’s Been Known About For 50 Years, Recent Studies Verified It

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Scientists have actually known about the Mediterranean diet since 1945 and most of its health benefits as well. However, it’s only been in the last two decades that real research has been done to verify the statistics and find out the reasons for the differences in health for the people living there.

The differences in fat consumption is the most striking part of the diet, although they eat nearly the same amounts of fats, the ones they do eat are all from olive oil, avocados, fish, nuts and other vegetables, very few from dairy, beef, pork and almost no trans fats either. The Mediterranean diet seems to allow eating more calories and cause less weight gain as well.

There Are Plenty Of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables In The Diet

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A fairly high percentage of the diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables which are naturally high in vitamins, phytonutrients, and many other healthy ingredients. But maybe what’s also true is the lack of processed meats, processed grain, refined sugars, snack foods, junk foods, fast foods and other items that really shouldn’t be eaten daily. Things like whole grains have lots of essential vitamins, minerals, healthy fatty acids and fiber, but when it gets refined and turned into white flour, all you get is empty carbohydrates.

The Mediterranean Diet Can Help With Weight Loss

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If you’ve grown weary of counting calories in order to lose weight, then you might want to try the Mediterranean diet and apex garcinia cambogia plus instead. If you follow the diet and eat just what they do, you can actually consume more calories and still lose weight slowly over time. This is one of the jessica simpson weight loss secret that works and the reason for that is that real food has more fiber, bulk, less sugar, and healthier fats, that don’t lead to weight gain as much as the Western Fast Food Diet that most people consume several times per day.

There are some high fat foods, like olives, avocados, nuts and other parts of their diet that seem to be able to be eaten quite regularly and not add weight. In addition to that, the oils, mostly mono saturated, help to reduce cholesterol, soften the interiors of the artery walls, make the blood flow easier, and even reduce the plaque that form in the brain that leads to dementia.

If you have been on a diet for a few decades and nothing has seemed to work for you, you really owe it to yourself to investigate the Mediterranean diet. It’s mostly what you eat, but also what you avoid, that can make the difference in being obese and sickly or lean, trim and healthy.

Eat This Top 5 Superfoods To Lose Weight


There are many foods you can eat when you want to lose weight. However, there are foods that are considered to be superfoods, and these foods could help you lose a lot of weight especially if you combine it with something like raspberry ketones at http://commentperdredupoidsrapidement.info/cetone-de-framboise . We will discuss what the top 5 superfoods to lose weight are, so continue to read the rest of this article.

1. Lentils– One of the best foods to eat for weight loss are lentils. There are a few benefits of eating them, but one of the best things about them is that they play a role in preventing insulin spikes, which can actually produce excess fat in the belly region, so if you want to lose weight, then you might want to start adding lentils to your diet. Also, you will be pleased to know that lentils are a good source of protein, and there are a few different types of lentils that you can eat, so you do have a variety of lentils to choose from.

2. Blueberries– If you are craving something sweet to snack on, then you might want to turn to blueberries because not only are they a healthier option to go with, but they are one of the best foods to eat for weight loss. They contain antioxidants and are a good source of fiber, and there are a number of ways you can eat them. You can add them to your cereal, eat them on their own or even mix them with some low-fat yogurt.

3. Oats– Whole oats are great to eat when you are trying to shed some weight, so you might want to pick some oatmeal up and eat it on a regular basis. Oatmeal contains various nutrients, and it is a decent source of fiber and will make you feel full, which means you will likely not crave any junk food later on in the day. Here is a tip, when you make your oatmeal, add some blueberries to it. If you eat oatmeal on a daily basis, then eventually you could end up losing some weight.

4. Yogurt– Yogurt is great for losing weight, but you will want to go for low-fat plain yogurt. Most yogurt contains good carbs, as well as protein, so if you are looking for something good you can eat for breakfast, with breakfast or as a snack, then you should shop around for yogurt. There are many brands that sell yogurt, so remember to look at the label before you decide to buy one and compare a few yogurts, as this will help you decide which one is the healthiest one.

5. Chiles– The final superfood you will want to add to your diet if you want to lose weight are chiles, which there are various types to choose from, and this is because chiles have a compound in them. This compound is called capsaicin, which can lead to you being able to speed up your metabolism, which also means you could end up losing quite a bit of weight. Many people find that some chiles are very spicy, so you might want to choose one that only has a mild spiciness to it, and don’t forget that you can cut up chiles and add them to your salad or eat them as a side dish, so you do have a number of ways to consume them.

There are many other foods that can help you lose weight and the following site http://commentperdredupoidsrapidement.info help you do it faster, but the ones above are some of the best ones to eat. If you are serious about losing weight, then start eating the above superfoods. The sooner you start eating them, the sooner you could lose weight.

A Closer Look At The Mediterranean Diet

mediterranean diet pyramidIf you are curious about the Mediterranean diet and heard about how effective it is for weight loss, then keep on reading. This diet is basically one that reflects the type of foods that the people who live in the countries around the Mediterranean, typically eat. However, don’t worry, you don’t have to travel to those countries in order to enjoy their cuisine, and you can find most of those foods right in your local grocery. In this article we will be looking at the components of this diet, the benefits and how you can use it to lose weight.

In order to eat according to this diet, you will have to focus on making vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, olive oil, seeds, herbs and spices a major part of your diet. It also helps to include supplements like the one from http://advancedgarciniacambogiamalaysia.com when you do this. You will also have to eat fish and various sea foods at least twice per week and poultry in moderate portions. You will be allowed to eat red meats and sweets only occasionally, like a few times per month but you can enjoy red wine in moderation on a regular basis.

The important thing about this diet is that you will be substituting foods like butter with healthy fats and in particular, olive oil. Most people use a lot of salt to flavor their food, however, this has to be drastically cut down when following the Mediterranean diet, and you will have to instead use a variety of spices to flavor your food.

This diet especially focuses on how the Greek people typically eat on a day to day basis. The typical Greek eats about six or more servings of vegetables on a daily basis, which is exactly what you should strive for while being on this diet. Another thing to note is that you can enjoy wholegrain bread on this diet, however, note that you won’t be able to spread butter or margarine on it. Instead, you should have the bread by itself, with other dishes or simply dipped in olive oil.

As mentioned previously, nuts are an integral part of this diet. These little nuggets are full of healthy fats and are quite high in calories. They are chock full of nutrition and as a result, need to be eaten in moderation. A general guideline is that you should eat no more than a handful per day and eat raw nuts, instead of honey roasted or candied nuts.

So, those are the basic elements of the Mediterranean diet, that can truly help you to become healthier and lose weight. The main reason that you will lose weight is because this diet eliminates processed foods and focuses on delicious whole foods. These foods are relatively low in calories and pack a huge nutritional punch. The amount of vegetables that you will have to eat on this diet will fill you up with their fiber and keep you satisfied so that you never feel hungry. Also, because this diet incorporates the occasional snack and glass of red wine, you will surely keep your sanity.

In addition to helping you to lose weight like what this site teaches you http://advancedgarciniacambogiamalaysia.com/how-to-lose-weight-fast, it will also help to ward off many diseases such as hypertension and heart disease because it is so low in salt and unhealthy fats. The Mediterranean diet is not just about food, but also encourages physical activity and interaction with one’s friends and family members.

Remember that in order to lose weight and become healthier, you need to combine both diet and exercise. All you need to do is start with at least 30 minutes of walking or jogging per day in conjunction with this diet, and you will definitely see a change in a few months.